The studies on the epigraphic stela of Montoro (Cordoba), to be presented in the University of Seville

Next tuesday April 28th, at 12:00 h, the conference ” The epigraphic stela of Montoro (Cordoba). An exceptional discovery for the Iberian Protohistory” will be held at Aula de Grados Profesor Carriazo, of the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Seville. The conference will be teached by Marta Díaz-Guardamino, from the University […]

(Español) Un estudiante del IRNAS gana el concurso a la mejor fotografía sobre Geociencias de 2015

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The Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport publishes the report of the contract for the integral study of the state of conservation of Altamira Cave and its Paleolithic art

The report, published as the number 24 of the prestigious book series “Monographs of the National Museum and Research Centre of Altamira”, has been finally published and could be assessed directly by the international scientific community. This book constitutes the crowning of the studies conducted in the cave by a research team which began working […]

Meeting on prevention and remediation of degraded soils in Europe

Photo: Erik van den Elsen

The Plenary Meeting of the project RECARE (Preventing and Remediating degradation of soils in Europe through Land Care) was held in Montegrotto (Padova, Italy) from March 16th to 20th. More than 50 partners of 18 countries attended the meeting.

The team of IRNAS presented results about the remediation of […]

Publicación del Volumen I.4 de la Colección “De residuo a recurso: el camino hacia la sostenibilidad”

Portada I.4

Publicación del Volumen I.4 Residuos urbanos, de la Colección “De residuo a recurso: el camino hacia la sostenibilidad” de la Red Española de Compostaje (REC).

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Biodeterioration of cultural assets, reviewed at tv program “Espacio Protegido”

Canal Sur tv program “Espacio protegido” broadcasted last march 18th a report under the title of “The enemies of Cultural Heritage” in which Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez, IRNAS Research Professor, talked about the biodeterioration of cultural assets. In this program, he showed biodeterioration effects on three Sevillian elements of Cultural Heritage dated in the Roman times: […]

(Español) Defensa de la tesis doctoral de D. Javier Tejedor Cano

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Meeting of the research team involved in the conservation of Cueva Pintada (Gáldar) with the presence of a member of IRNAS

The 2nd Research Seminar Cueva Pintada, under the title “The conservation at Cueva Pintada: new techniques for old challenges ” was held at Gáldar (Gran Canaria) the days 5 and 6 of March, developing the work sessions of the research team as well as moments for sharing with the public the studies to […]

Cork oak decline and its consequences for the forest regeneration

The predicted increase of tree decline episodes as a consequence of temperature rise could have an important impact in forest regeneration dynamics, and therefore in the future composition of forests.

A research team in the IRNAS, with the collaboration of the University of Basel (Switzerland), has studied how cork oak (Q. […]

Participative Workshop on the remediation of contaminated soils in the Guadiamar

The Guadiamar Green Corridor (in Sevilla province) is one of the 17 case studies within the Euroepan project RECARE (2014-2018), which main aim is to find ways of assessing the current threats to soils and finding innovative solutions to prevent further soil degradation across Europe.

On February 19th 2015 we had […]