Heavy metals in seeds of White Poplar

White poplar (Populus alba) is a tree species which accumulates Cd and Zn in leaves and branches, as previous studies in the Guadiamar Green Corridor (Seville) have demonstrated. However, whether heavy metals are also accumulated in seeds was not known. This aspect is very relevant because the germination and seedling growth can be […]

(Español) Taller del IRNAS-CSIC “MIRANDO AL SUELO” en La Casa de la Ciencia

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(Español) Jornada del Año Internacional del Suelo 2015. El IRNAS y el Suelo: Alianza y complicidad

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Prestigious Philippe Duchaufour Medal is awarded to IRNAS scientist

foto heike

This week, the researcher Heike Knicker of the Biogeochemistry, Plant and Microbial Ecology Department of IRNAS-CSIC was announced as the recipient of the Philippe Duchaufour Medal by the Soil Sciences division of the European Geosciences Union. This prestigious medal has been established by the Division on Soil System Sciences of the EGU in recognition […]

(Español) Lectura de la tesis doctoral de D. Manuel García-Jaramillo

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The IRNAS researchers Ana Gutiérrez, Jorge Rencoret and José Carlos del Río have been awarded with the “University of Seville-Bruker” prize for the best scientific paper on applied Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


The IRNAS researchers Ana Gutiérrez Suárez, Jorge Rencoret Pazo and José Carlos del Río Andrade have been awarded with the “University of Seville-Bruker 2015″ prize for the best published scientific article on applied Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. The award ceremony, chaired by the Vice President for Research, Professor Julián Martínez Fernández, and Víctor García Pidal, […]

(Español) Una nariz electrónica para medir la madurez del compost

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(Español) Amplia participación de investigadores del IRNAS y del CSIC en el 5º Seminario sobre Compostaje doméstico y comunitario

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(Español) El IRNAS participa en la exposición “La vid, el vino y el CSIC. Dos siglos de Investigación” en el Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid a través del grupo Propagación y Nutrición Vegetal del Departamento de Biotecnología Vegetal.

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The different plant organs (leaf, stem and root) work on a coordinate way

Plants, like so many organisms, have several specialized organs for different functions. Thus, the main role of leaves is light capture, while roots are related with soil water and nutrient uptake, and stems supply these water and nutrients to the leaves. According with their functional diversification, differences among organ characteristics could be expected. […]