Altamira: dos informes, muchas dudas

The Spanish newspaper El País, publishes today (24/10/2014) an article on the scientific debate on the re-opening of Altamira Cave. The article discloses the opinions based on twenty years of research work of the CSIC team lead by Sergio Sánchez Moral, Scientific Researcher of the Spanish National Museum of Natural Sciences and Cesáreo Sáiz Jiménez, Research Professor at IRNAS, which will be published in extenso in the forthcoming book The Conservation of Subterranean Cultural Heritage. This book, edited by C. Sáiz Jiménez and published by the prestigious British publishing house CRC Press, collects the communications and round tables of the international workshop on conservation of the subterranean heritage held in Seville last March. The original article of El País, here.

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