El próximo 6 de marzo se presenta al público la estela epigráfica de Montoro (Córdoba)

Cartel Estela MontoroNext March 6th, at 19:00 hours at Montoro’s local Archaeological Museum “Santiago Cano and Consuelo Turrión” a dissemination conference will be held with the goal of presenting to the public the studies performed on the epigraphic stela conserved in the dependences of that museum. The conference will be given by the PhDs Leonardo García Sanjuán (University of Seville) and David W. Weathley (University of Southampton) and will summarize the studies carried out since 2012 by several researchers, among which is Dr. Miguel A. Rogerio-Candelera, of the IRNAS research group “Environmental Microbiology and Cultural Heritage”. In this study, Dr. Rogerio-Candelera, in collaboration with Dr. Ángel Justo, from the Institute of Materials Science of Seville, has applied digital image analysis techniques to detect possible pigments applied to the piece. These studies were complemented with XRD and SEM-EDX of microsamples from the stela.

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