Jorge Rencoret, del grupo de “Materiales Lignocelulósicos de Interés Industrial” impartirá una conferencia en la sede de Abengoa titulada “Diseño de plantas con ligninas modificadas para su mejor aprovechamiento industrial” el próximo 23 de Febrero

On 23th February, Dr. Jorge Rencoret, from the IRNAS research group “Lignocellulosic Materials of Industrial Interest” will impart a conference that will take place in Abengoa (Campus Palmas Altas) entitled “Plants Designed with Modified Lignins for their Improved Industrial Processing”.

Presentación abengoa

Lignin is a complex phenolic polymer of the plant cell-wall that is essential for plant growth and development, but concurrently acts as a major impediment for industrial processing (i.e. the production of paper pulp and/or second generation bioethanol). Research efforts globally have therefore focused on altering the natural lignification processes to produce plants with cell-walls that are more amenable to chemical or enzymatic depolymerization. In this context, genetically modified plants appears to be a promising strategy to obtain plant biomass with either less lignin or with a lignin that is easier to degrade. In this seminar, we will review some of the most recent strategies to engineer plant lignins designed for improved industrial processing, either by up- and down-regulating genes involved in lignin biosynthesis or even introducing new genes in plants. The main structural and compositional modifications produced in the lignin polymer were elucidated by different analytical techniques, particularly 2D-NMR.

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