Miembros del grupo Microbiología Ambiental y Patrimonio Cultural contribuyen a un nuevo volumen de la serie Life in Extreme Environments de De Gruyter


Several members of the IRNAS research group Environmental Microbiology and Cultural Heritage contribute with more than 20% of the contributions to the book Microbial Life of Cave Systems, edited by the renowned german publishing house De Gruyter last October. The volume is part of the book series Life in Extreme Environments, in which De Gruyter publishes contributions to the knowledge of species inhabiting these extreme for life environments. The chapters authored by the members of the research group are “The Microbiology of Show Caves, Mines, Tunnels, and Tombs: Implications for Management and Conservation”, “Lascaux Cave: An Example of Fragile Ecological Balance in Subterranean Environments”, and “Scientific Data Suggest Altamira Cave Should Remain Closed”. More information clicking in http://www.degruyter.com/view/books/9783110339888/9783110339888-fm/9783110339888-fm.xml?format=EBOK

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