Disentangling the mediation effect of ectomycorrhizal fungi on soil–tree relationships

Soil abiotic properties, such as texture, nutrient availability and water, are essential in the development of terrestrial plants. Mycorrhizal fungi, which are fungi living in symbiosis with plants roots, are also key for plant growing. This symbiosis enhances a trade-off of carbohydrates and nutrients beneficial for both plant and fungi. Therefore, it is expected that […]

Policy Conference at Brussels on Preventing and Remediating Degraded Soils

Soils are a vital environmental resource; however, soil protection efforts in European Union have been partial, fragmented and insufficient to halt their degradation.

In the Policy Conference held at Brussels, on September 27th 2018, there was a debate about how to improve EU policies to secure the delivery of soil ecosystem services.


Informing people about the toxicity risks by soil contamination

Pollution is the largest environmental cause of disease and premature death in the world today however it has been neglected, according to the Lancet Commission on pollution and health. In particular, polluted soils threaten the environment and human health. The persistent substances such as metals are contaminants posing the greatest threats to health.


Kick-off meeting of the WoodZymes project

Research & Innovation Action of the H2020 “Bio-Based Industries” Joint Undertaking coordinated by CIB.

The Biological Research Center (CIB) from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) hosted on June 14th (in Madrid, Spain), the kick-off meeting of the WoodZymes European Project on “Extremozymes for wood-based building blocks: from […]

Kickoff of the European Project SusBind

Kickoff of the European Project SusBind, a Research & Innovation Action funded by the H2020 “Bio-Based Industries” Joint Undertaking

The SusBind project on “SUStainable bio BINDers”, with participation of two CSIC institutes (IRNAS-Seville and CIB-Madrid), has been granted with € 4.1 million from the H2020 “Bio-Based Industries” Joint Undertaking ( and was […]

Soil contamination and colonization by ectomycorrhizal fungi associated with holm oak

The environmental disaster caused by the breakdown of the decanting basin of the Aznalcóllar mine, Seville (in 1998), left behind hectares of contaminated land. The tasks of decontamination and restoration of the ecosystem led to the establishment of a green and environmentally protected area, the Guadiamar Green Corridor. The restoration was carried out […]

Measures to remediate contaminated soils: the Guadiamar case study

Soil pollution is one of the main environmental problems at a global scale. Within the European RECARE project, several threats of soil degradation are investigated, and measures and solutions to remediate degraded soils are proposed.

A research team from the IRNAS, CSIC participating in the RECARE project has contributed with the […]

Variability in the leaf functional ecology

The leaf is the main plant organ to make photosynthesis, the process to use the energy from sunlight, capturing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen to the atmosphere. Life on Earth, as we currently know it, is based on this conversion of sunlight energy and associated gas exchange. Leaf functional traits (structural and chemical […]

Twenty years of environmental studies in the Guadiamar

The Aznalcóllar mine accident (April 1998) was a large-scale ecological and socio-economic catastrophe in the South of Spain. Since then, the Research Group SOIL-PLANT in the IRNAS, CSIC has been working on the area affected by the mine spill, currently known as Guadiamar Green Corridor.

Suelo cubierto del lodo minero, 1998. […]

Changes on the distribution limits of tree species in response to global warming

Recent changes in climate registered at planetary scale during the last decades are altering the ecological conditions for many species. Consequences of these alterations are usually more evident at species’ range edges, since conditions there are usually closer to the tolerance limits. In these locations, an alteration of the existing conditions able to alter current […]