The Guadiamar Green Corridor (in Sevilla province, Spain) is one of the 17 case studies within the European project RECARE (2014-2018), which main aim is to find ways of assessing the current threats to soils and finding innovative solutions to prevent further soil degradation across Europe.

On February 17th 2016 we had a Participative Workshop in the Visitors Center of Guadiamar (Aznalcázar), organized by Paula Madejón (IRNAS, CSIC) and María Anaya (Evenor-Tech), with representatives of the main stakeholders associated with the management, study and use of the Guadiamar Green Corridor. About 30 participants attended, representing to the Regional Government, Academic and Research Institutions, Environmental Education Centers, Farmers Associations, and NGOs.


The objectives of the workshop were to evaluate, in a participatory way, the best measures for remediating contaminated soils, based on the adquired experience during the restoration of the Guadiamar Green Corridor. The workshop was focused on two main types of measures: soil amendments and phytoremediation techniques. Several economical, ecological and socio-cultural criteria were applied for the evaluation of different technological options that were available.

The presentations and the workshop report (in Spanish) will be uploaded to the RECARE hub Guadiamar to be ready for consultation by stakeholders.


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