Presentación en la Universidad de Sevilla de los estudios sobre la estela epigráfica de Montoro (Córdoba)

cartel montoro 2Next tuesday April 28th, at 12:00 h, the conference ” The epigraphic stela of Montoro (Cordoba). An exceptional discovery for the Iberian Protohistory”  will be held at Aula de Grados Profesor Carriazo, of the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Seville. The conference will be teached by Marta Díaz-Guardamino, from the University of Southampton; Leonardo García Sanjuán, from the University of Seville; Miguel Ángel Rogerio Candelera, from IRNAS; and Juan Pablo Vita Barra, from the Center for Human and Social Sciences. The accession is free until complete.

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