Divulgation service


The main objective of the Science Dissemination Service is the outreach of the research lines to the society, focusing on school/University students. To reach this goal, the IRNAS offers:

– Laboratories guided visits 

– Organization of Open Doors Days, which includes laboratories, and conferences (during the WEEK OF SCIENCE)

– Conferences given by researchers about their reasearch lines and its application in society

– Experimental Workshops on volumetric measures in Molecular Biology, Macro and Microscopical life, Scientific trivial,…

– Advice to schools about their organic orchards (including a visit, soil sampling and analysis, and fertility asessment)

– Presence in Science Dissemination events (Science Fairs in different towns, Researchers Night,…)

– Participation in Science Dissemination Proyects (National and International level)

– Creation and design of IRNAS reports and other documents 

– Difusion of activities

– Science Outreach courses

Terms of Service

The Science Dissemination Service presents two activity types, internal and external.

The internal activity focuses on:

– Creation of an IRNAS common image in documents (reports, christmas greetings,…)

– Encourage the creation of experimental workshops in different research lines, involving therefore many technicians and researchers.

– Offering of new conferences demanded by society, given by IRNAS researchers

– Encourage researchers and technicians to show their labs, explaining in an easy way their works, applications and research lines.

– Foment the games creation, as people learn much better having fun

– Publicize in webs and other ways the offerings of IRNAS, so that Schools, Universities, Associations or any person can apply for a visit.

The external activity consists in bringing the Conferences, Workshops and Games to rural places (Schools, Townhalls or Associations), whoever demands them.

Services and Rates

1- Support and coordination of Science Dissemination activities will be given about

– Science Fairs

– Weeks of Science

– Nights of the Researchers

– Visits by IRNAS to groups of researchers, specialized technicians, schools and associations that request it

– Science Dissemination conferences

– Experimental workshops inside and outside the IRNAS

– Rates (Divulgation / (euro / hour) 

CSIC H2020Coste MarginalOPI/AGE/UniversidadesOtros


2- Event attendance: Organization and coordination

This itemt refers to the attendance at Science Fairs in other provinces, which we have been attending for years, such as the Science Fair in the Street in Jerez. We have already been invited to events such as the Science Fair in Algeciras or Fruit Attraction, in Madrid. We do not rule out International Fairs of Science Dissemination devoted to Agrobiology.

At these Fairs we will take the Agrobiology workshops, as well as information on the IRNAS main research lines and their results, in order to achieve greater visibility of the IRNAS and CSIC in the Society.

– Rates (euro/day) 

CSIC H2020Coste MarginalOPI/AGE/UniversidadesOtros


3- Design and Illustrations

This item includes the following concepts:

1- Christmas Greetings card design

2- Poster design including information of IRNAS Science dissemination events (conferences, workshops,…)

3- Watercolor drawings to illustrate games and Workshops

4- Watercolor drawings to illustrate project results or proposals, such as edaphic evolution

5- Workshops on drawings with watercolors to illustrate species of legumes, fruits, and so on, and thus capture the interest of children and adults in the subject.

6- Design of other materials (reports and so on) of interest for IRNAS

– Rates  (€ / hora)

CSIC H2020Coste MarginalOPI/AGE/UniversidadesOtros


4- Organization of scientific visits

IRNAS organizes laboratory visits. In each lab, a researcher and or technician will explain their work, results, applications in Society and future research lines.

Visits will be organized for groups of researchers, professors, university students, interested technical personnel and school students. Likewise, this service will be provided to associations that request it.

Specialised visitors will be able to choose labs to visit, depending of their specific interests.

The Science Dissemination Events organized by IRNAS will be included in several web pages devoted to science outreach events (www.irnas.csic.es, www.casadelaciencia.csic.es, www.csic.es, and in the web of Fundación Descubre, Junta de Andalucía, https://fundaciondescubre.es/).

Mails will be sent to the teachers that visited already IRNAS (32), and posters will be hanged in the surrounding, including the University Campus

– Rates   (€/ hora)

CSIC H2020Coste MarginalOPI/AGE/UniversidadesOtros


5- Experimental Workshops

The IRNAS Research Center offers a series of Workshops to enhance curiosity and develop future vocations:

1- “Measurements are important“: deals with volume measuremnts, mostly those used in Molecular Biology.

2- “Convert your mobile phone in a magnifying glass“: participants will be given a device to apply at the mobile phone, so that it will act as a magnifying glass of 60x. They will be provided with flowers (like Hibiscus, with big visible pollen grains), and animals like ants or spiders. If the Workshop is done in a rural school/centre, several devices will be let at them.

3- “Look into the Microbial Universe“: Using a device applied to the microscope, images in real time can be displayed in a big screen, and observed in real time. We will show the ciclosys (cloroplasts moving excited by light), protozoan, nematods and or poliquets.

At the same time we will show them the effects of antibiotics in bacteria colonies, as well as the effect natural antibiotics (garlic, ginger, and so on).

4- “Know the soil under your feet“: In this Workshop the participants will do a soil borehole up to a meter, aproximately. They will see the horizons and we will explain how a soil is originated and their evolution, as well as the importance of the sostenibility in agriculture.

5- “Are you a wise scientist?” This is a scientific trivial of more than 1000 questions in different subjects, Science, Technology and Humanities. The questions are separated in 7 levels, from primary studies to University ones. Each question has three answers, but only one is correct. Afetr 5 good responses, they will receive a Diploma of “Wise Scientist”.

6- “Guess which plant are you holding“: These are 25 riddles of plants very common in andalusian agriculture, as well as in agrobiological research. The riddle always provides a photograph, scientific latin name and other clues.

The costs calculation has been made based omn one workshop. In that way, different Workshops can be given depending of the specific interests. New Workshops we have in mind are being developed, so that these experiments may vary.

– Rates  (€/Session/hour)

CSIC H2020Coste MarginalOPI/AGE/UniversidadesOtros


Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología de Sevilla (IRNAS – CSIC)

Avda. Reina Mercedes 10. 41012 Sevilla

Teléfono 954.62.47.11 

patricia@irnase.csic.es, adela@irnase.csic.es