El biodeterioro de los bienes culturales, a revista en Espacio Protegido

Canal Sur tv program “Espacio protegido” broadcasted last march 18th a report under the title of “The enemies of Cultural Heritage” in which Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez, IRNAS Research Professor, talked about the biodeterioration of cultural assets. In this program, he showed biodeterioration effects on three Sevillian elements of Cultural Heritage dated in the Roman times: […]

Environmental Microbiology and Cultural Heritage


Environmental Microbiology (subterranean, terrestrial and aquatic environments), especially focused on biodegradation of materials and pollutants, biodeterioration and conservation of Cultural Heritage. Biogeochemical cycle of the elements. Geochemistry and environmental chemistry.


The objectives of the group are framed inside environmental microbiology in […]