Changes on the distribution limits of tree species in response to global warming

Recent changes in climate registered at planetary scale during the last decades are altering the ecological conditions for many species. Consequences of these alterations are usually more evident at species’ range edges, since conditions there are usually closer to the tolerance limits. In these locations, an alteration of the existing conditions able to alter current […]

Researchers from IRNAS analyses the importance of genetic variability on the response of Pyrenean fir forests to climate change

Recent changes in climate registered globally during the last decades have the capacity to alter the distribution and population dynamics of tree species. However, populations located at the rear edge of species’ distribution might harbour important genetic resources containing local adaptations to drought, which could be of key importance in a warmer world and […]

Descubierto un nuevo sumidero de metano

Subterranean atmospheres may act as daily methane sinks is the title of a paper authored by several researchers from the Spanish National Museum for Natural Sciences, the University of alicante and IRNAS, and published in volume 6 of the journal Nature Communications on 27 April, 2015. Until today, it was known that methane, one of […]

El futuro del alcornoque está afectado por las interacciones de clima y suelo

Climate change generates uncertainty about the sustainability of forests and their ecosystem services.

A research team in the IRNAS, with the collaboration of Michigan University, has studied the changes in abundance of cork oak (Quercus suber) in south Spain during a 10 year period, using data from the 2nd and 3rd Spanish Forest Inventories for […]

Seed Biotechnology



Some animals and plants -and most seeds- survive extreme dehydration by entering a state of almost imperceptible metabolic activity during desiccation. Our aim is to understand the regulation of an embryonic program of gene expression that our research has associated with both seed desiccation tolerance and seed longevity. More recently we could […]