El Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte publica el informe del convenio para el estudio integral del estado de conservación de la cueva de Altamira y su arte paleolítico

The report, published as the number 24 of the prestigious book series “Monographs of the National Museum and Research Centre of Altamira”, has been finally published and could be assessed directly by the international scientific community. This book constitutes the crowning of the studies conducted in the cave by a research team which began working […]

Reunión del equipo involucrado en la conservación de la Cueva Pintada de Gáldar, con la presencia de un integrante del IRNAS

The 2nd Research Seminar Cueva Pintada, under the title “The conservation at Cueva Pintada: new techniques for old challenges ” was held at Gáldar (Gran Canaria) the days 5 and 6 of March, developing the work sessions of the research team as well as moments for sharing with the public the studies to be […]

Un volumen monográfico sobre la conservación del patrimonio cultural en ambientes subterráneos, editado por Cesáreo Sáiz Jiménez

The Conservation of Subterranean Cultural Heritage is the title of a monographic volume published in November of 2014 by the prestigious British publishing house CRC Press, of the Taylor & Francis Group, devoted to the conservation of cultural assets placed in subterranean environments. The book, edited by IRNAS Research Professor Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez, […]

Expertos del IRNAS estudian la aerobiología de la cueva de Castañar de Ibor

A consortium of three CSIC centres (National Museum of Natural Sciences, Institute of Geosciences and Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology of Seville) will perform a study on the geology, micro-environmental parameters and aerobiology of the cave by means of a contract recently signed by the Regional government of Extremadura and CSIC. The members of […]

Las últimas dos décadas de investigación del IRNAS en la Cueva de Altamira puesta de relieve en el programa Crónicas (la 2, tve)

Last 19th June, 2014 the tv channel La 2 broadcasted the programme Crónicas, dedicated to Altamira, the importance of the original. The programme summarized the researches performed in the cave focused to the conservation of its palaeolithic paintings, with an important reference to the research carried out by the CSIC team, and among them several […]