La contaminación por elementos traza persiste en los márgenes del río Guadiamar

On 1998 the Guadiamar Basin was scenario of one of the worst environmental disasters occurred in Europe during the last decades, the Aznalcóllar mine accident. The breakage of a tailing dam in Los Frailes mine provoked the release of 6 hm3 of trace elements-polluted waters and sludge into the rivers Agrio and Guadiamar, […]

Se están ensayando técnicas vitales para recuperar los suelos mientras acaba el Año Internacional de los Suelos

As World Soil Day on 5th December 2015 marks the ending of the International Year of Soils, it is reassuring to know that scientists will still be working to find solutions to protect our soils.

2015 was declared International Year of Soils by the United Nations in order to raise awareness […]

Metales pesados en las semillas de álamo blanco

White poplar (Populus alba) is a tree species which accumulates Cd and Zn in leaves and branches, as previous studies in the Guadiamar Green Corridor (Seville) have demonstrated. However, whether heavy metals are also accumulated in seeds was not known. This aspect is very relevant because the germination and seedling growth can be […]

El papel facilitador del matorral para la restauración de zonas mediterráneas contaminadas por elementos traza

Experimental sowing of Quercus ilex acorns under shrubs in the Guadiamar Green Corridor (María T. Domínguez in the photo).

The revegetation of polluted sites and abandoned agricultural soils is critical to reduce soil losses and to control the spread of soil pollution in the Mediterranean region, which is currently exposed to […]

Reunión sobre prevención y recuperación de suelos degradados en Europa

Photo: Erik van den Elsen

The Plenary Meeting of the project RECARE (Preventing and Remediating degradation of soils in Europe through Land Care) was held in Montegrotto (Padova, Italy) from March 16th to 20th. More than 50 partners of 18 countries attended the meeting.

The team of IRNAS presented results about the remediation […]

Taller participativo sobre recuperación de suelos contaminados en el Guadiamar

The Guadiamar Green Corridor (in Sevilla province) is one of the 17 case studies within the Euroepan project RECARE (2014-2018), which main aim is to find ways of assessing the current threats to soils and finding innovative solutions to prevent further soil degradation across Europe.

On February 19th 2015 we had […]