La Cueva del Tesoro, protagonista del programa Espacio Protegido de Canal Sur

Last Sunday June 8th, a wide tv report on Cueva del Tesoro was broadcasted at “Protected Space”, a Canal Sur tv programme. The report enhances the research carried out at the cave by IRNAS research group “Environmental Microbiology and Cultural Heritage”. The programme also covers a short interview to the Research Professor Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez on […]

Una investigadora del IRNAS, conferenciante invitada a la 22nd International Karstological School “Classical karst”, dedicada en esta edición a Karst y Microorganismos

Dr. Ana Miller, postdoc Marie Curie researcher at “Environmental Microbiology and Cultural Heritage” research group will teach next 17th of June the conference “Secondary mineral deposits and associated microbe-mineral interactions in subsurface rock environments”. The International Karstological School “Classical Karst” is being organized since 1993, and constitutes a major appointment for the studies on the […]