Mycorrhization patterns along an environmental gradient

Mycorrhizal symbiosis is a mutualist association between plants and fungi which may be critical under stressful environmental conditions, like in Mediterranean forests constrained by water stress and resource scarcity.

Researchers of the IRNAS-CSIC and the University of Córdoba have studied how the degrees of colonization by ectomycorrhizal (ECM) and arbuscular mycorrhizal […]

Los distintos órganos de la planta (hoja, tallo y raíz) funcionan de manera coordinada

Plants, like so many organisms, have several specialized organs for different functions. Thus, the main role of leaves is light capture, while roots are related with soil water and nutrient uptake, and stems supply these water and nutrients to the leaves. According with their functional diversification, differences among organ characteristics could be expected. […]

Variación en rasgos foliares de plantas perennes en clima semiárido

Peter Grubb, Malole Díaz-Villa, Lawren Sack and Teodoro Marañón (from left to right) at Cabo de Gata, April 7th 2000.

Plants living in semiarid environments have singular adaptations to cope with the shortage of water, including morphological and physiological mechanisms to grow avoiding water loss, or by storing water in leaves […]