New framework for soil-related ecosystem services

Ecosystem services are the direct and indirect contributions of the ecosystems to the human well-being.

Changes in the natural capital’s properties influence soil processes, which support the provision of ecosystem services. The benefits produced by these ecosystem services are explicitly or implicitly valued by individuals and society. This can influence decision- […]

Participative evaluation of the best measures for remediating contaminated soils: Guadiamar Green Corridor

The Guadiamar Green Corridor (in Sevilla province, Spain) is one of the 17 case studies within the European project RECARE (2014-2018), which main aim is to find ways of assessing the current threats to soils and finding innovative solutions to prevent further soil degradation across Europe.

On February 17th 2016 we had a Participative Workshop […]

Se están ensayando técnicas vitales para recuperar los suelos mientras acaba el Año Internacional de los Suelos

As World Soil Day on 5th December 2015 marks the ending of the International Year of Soils, it is reassuring to know that scientists will still be working to find solutions to protect our soils.

2015 was declared International Year of Soils by the United Nations in order to raise awareness […]