Sustainable use of the Soil-Plant System


The main objective of the group SOILPLANT is the integrated study of the soil-plant system in agricultural and agroforestry soils, paying special attention to contaminated and degraded soils and their effects on the ecosystem. It is intended to implement management practices more in line with the pedo-climatic characteristics of each scenario, based on a […]

RECARE workshop on ecosystem services

Ecosystem services are the direct and indirect contributions of ecosystems to the human wellbeing. The remediation of contaminated soils after the Aznalcóllar mine spill, and the restoration of the Guadiamar Green Corridor (Sevilla, Spain) provide with multiple ecosystem services to local and regional societies.

The stakeholder workshop for the evaluation of […]

The value of the forests

Forests have multiple values for human wellbeing. They provide with raw materials (timber, wood, cork) and food (nuts, fruits, mushrooms, cattle, game animals). These ecosystem services of provisioning have economic value recognized by the society and the market.

Other values are intangibles, like improving the quality of water and air, soil […]

Evaluation of forest ecosystem services in Andalusia (S Spain)

Forests are suppliers of important ecosystem services, provisioning (timber, foods, resins), regulating (improving air and water quality, soil protection, carbon sequestration) and cultural (recreation, aesthetic, spiritual) contributing to human well-being.

Researchers of the IRNAS, CSIC in collaboration with EVENOR-TECH have evaluated the state and trends of ecosystem services provided by the forests of Andalusia (S […]

New framework for soil-related ecosystem services

Ecosystem services are the direct and indirect contributions of the ecosystems to the human well-being.

Changes in the natural capital’s properties influence soil processes, which support the provision of ecosystem services. The benefits produced by these ecosystem services are explicitly or implicitly valued by individuals and society. This can influence decision- […]

Conferencia sobre Servicios Ecosistémicos

Conference on “Ecosystem Services of the Dehesa system” by Teodoro Marañón, within the Jornadas de Conservación de la biodiversidad y la regeneración del arbolado de la dehesa, organized by the Project LIFE BioDehesa, Granada, Spain 28-30 April 2014.