Trabajo realizado por investigadores del IRNAS premiado como mejor contribución científica durante el XVI Latin-American Congress on Chromatography (XVICOLACRO), (Lisboa, 5-9 Enero, 2016)

The work entitled Analytical pyrolysis (PY-GC/MS) and PY compounds specific isotopic analysis (PY-CSIA) as proxy for the characterization of coralloid speleothems from lava tubes has been awarded during the XVI Latin-American Congress on Chromatography held in Lisbon from 5th to 9th of January 2016 by the scientific committee of the congress with the award to the best scientific contribution. This work has been carried out by the researchers: JM De la Rosa, AZ Miller, NT Morillo Jiménez, JA Calaforra, MFC Pereira, C Saiz-Jimenez and JA Gonzalez-Perez.

home_enIn addition, the company Chroma Leont has awarded the quality of this work with an invitation to José María de la Rosa to participate in the “40th International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography” which will take place in Riva-del-Garda (Italy) in May 2016.

This work was carried out by a collaboration of researchers from two groups of IRNAS-CSIC “Organic Matter in Soils and Sediments” and “Environmental Microbiology and Cultural Heritage”, with the Department of Biology and Geology of the University of Almeria and the group CERENA of the Technical Institute of the University of Lisbon.

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