Un volumen monográfico sobre la conservación del patrimonio cultural en ambientes subterráneos, editado por Cesáreo Sáiz Jiménez


The Conservation of Subterranean Cultural Heritage is the title of a monographic volume published in November of 2014 by the prestigious British publishing house CRC Press, of the Taylor & Francis Group, devoted to the conservation of cultural assets placed in subterranean environments. The book, edited by IRNAS Research Professor Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez, publishes the contributions of recognized international experts to the Workshop “The conservation of the Subterranean Cultural Heritage” held in Seville, Spain, last March. The book is assembled by two blocks, delimited by the transcription of two round tables, devoted to the conservation of artificial subterranean cultural heritage (catacombs and subterranean necropolises), and to the conservation of subterranean cultural heritage in natural environments (caves). This book constitutes an updated state-of-the-art on the conservation in subterranean environments, of special interest for archaeologists, historians, conservationists, cultural heritage specialists, architects, engineers and local and governmental policy-makers.
The book is available at CRC on-line catalog, both as a printed book and as e-book: http://www.crcnetbase.com/doi/abs/10.1201/b17570-1

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