Seminario Martes 24 Junio en el Salón actos IRNAS a las 12.00

Plant—Soil Microbe Interactions in Semi-arid Ecosystems: ¿Quién conduce el autobús?

John M. Stark, Department of Biology, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, USA

When studying the effects of plants and microbes on soil nutrient cycling, there is often disagreement among scientists as to which component (ie. the plant or microbial community) is more important in regulating processes.  The seminar will discuss two important mechanisms in semi-arid ecosystems by which plants and soil microbes interact to regulate nitrogen (N) availability.  In the first example, it  will be discussed hydraulic lift by shrubs and its effect on microbial mineralization of N in dry surface soils. In the second example, It will be discussed how an invasive annual grass modifies the soil N cycle in a way that promotes its own growth, resulting in a positive plant—soil feedback.

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