1. To gather information about the wading bird colony and the occupied trees.

- to monitor the evolution of birds occupation and tree health status (EBD, IRNASE-CSIC)

2. To evaluate the effects of bird nesting on the tree-soil subsystem

- to evaluate the biogeochemical alterations in the system: salinization, hyperfertilization, and transport of allochtonous substances (IRNASE-CSIC, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

- to evaluate the effects on the diversity of mycorrhizal and pathogens species in the soils (IRNASE-CSIC, Universidad de Córdoba)

3. To assess the health status of the trees, and its relationships with nesting frequency

- to monitor the ecophysiological status of the individuals, and the dynamics of the tree population (IRNASE, EBD-CSIC)

- to analyze, with an experimental approach, the effects of bird detritus on the tree seedling performance, under different rainfall scenarios (IRNASE-CSIC)

- to diagnose the degree of affection of trees by pathogens (Universidad de Córdoba)

4. To elaborate management proposals to reduce the impact of birds on the ecosystem

- to elaborate documents of synthesis about the impact of bird nesting in the ecosystem

- to advise the managers about management strategies