3rd European Biochar Summer School

The next 3rd European Biochar Summer School devoted to Chemical and physical characterization of bio- and hydrochars and their application in the field” will take place in Seville (Spain), 1-6 March 2015.

This summer School will be organised by José María de la Rosa and Heike Knicker, researchers from IRNAS-CSIC, and is funded by the European Biochar Research Network & COST Action TD1107: Biochar as option for sustainable resource management.

The role of bio- and hydrochars in C sequestration as well as in improving soil fertility is increasingly recognised. However, the high variability of biochars due to different feedstock and production conditions implies a high variability of their effect on soil properties and productivity. Thus, a good understanding of the chemical and physical nature of the product is needed to allow a prediction of its impact on soil/plant systems. Furthermore, the irreversibility of biochar application requires detailed ecotoxicological studies to ascertain its environmental sustainability.

During this summer school, 24 PhD students and young postdocs from 16 different countries will be trained in diverse analytical tools, such as analytical pyrolysis, stable isotopes, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, NMR micro-imaging, relaxometry or scanning electron microscopy, useful in the characterization of biochars and biochar amended soils. In addition, they will carry out experiments to assess the toxicity and stability of biochar in soils.

This training school will bring to IRNAS-CSIC some internationally well-recognized experts in the fields of biochar and the use of organic biomass as source of energy.

The list of lecturers is composed by:

  • Ana Catarina Bastos, Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies – Universidade de Aveiro, CESAM, Aveiro, Portugal. E-mail: a.c.bastos@ua.pt
  • Ana Miller, IRNAS – CSIC, Seville, Spain. E-mail: anamiller@irnas.csic.es
  • Bruno Glaser, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Institute of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences, Halle, Germany. E-mail: bruno.glaser@landw.uni-halle.de
  • Edita Baltrenaite, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania. E-mail: edita.baltrenaite@vgtu.lt
  • Hans Peter Schmidt, Ithaka Institute, Ayent, Switzerland. E-mail: schmidt@ithaka-institut.org
  • Heike Knicker, IRNAS – CSIC, Seville, Spain. E-mail: knicker@irnase.csic.es
  • Jan Mumme, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering, ATB, Potsdam, Germany. E-mail: jmumme@atb-potsdam.de
  • José Antonio González-Pérez, IRNAS – CSIC, Seville, Spain. E-mail: jag@irnase.csic.es
  • José María de la Rosa, IRNAS – CSIC, Sevilla, Spain. E-mail: jmrosa@irnase.csic.es
  • Marina Paneque Carmona, IRNAS – CSIC, Seville, Spain. E-mail: mpaneque@irnas.csic.es
  • Pellegrino Conte, Università degli Studi di Palermo, Palermo, Italy. E-mail: pellegrino.conte@unipa.it
  • Thomas Bücheli, Agroscope, Institute for Sustainability Sciences ISS, Zürich, Switzerland. E-mail: thomas.bucheli@agroscope.admin.ch

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